Our Story

After 13 years as a financial writer, I started to ask myself the question: Why does everyone speak a different language in asset management? We pass through hallways and have polite, generic conversations. We sit in meetings and toss around words like dry powder and top-down, instead of cash reserves and macroeconomic.

As investors continue to seek more bespoke solutions, and as the Millennial generation is poised to take over the workforce in the next decade, I believe we need to reconsider our narrative and way of conducting business. What relationships do we want to cultivate with our investors and partners? Do we want our communications to have a thin, decorative glaze, or do we want to inject some authenticity—while, yes, still remaining professional?

This will, of course, look different based on the medium. For proposals, it means meticulously answering what’s asked, but doing so in a digestible, succinct manner. For white papers and other thought leadership, it means potentially ramping up the dialogue and providing an informative piece peppered with real talk, snappy titles and witty undertones. It’s entirely possible to engage readers while still hitting all of the salient points. Warren Buffett talks about elephant hunting, economic castles and unbreachable moats—and Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder letters are akin to New York Times best sellers on Wall Street. Byron Wien puts out his personal Annual Surprises and Life Lessons for Blackstone, and they become standard rhetoric among investment professionals. What’s the common denominator among these industry leaders? They place authenticity at the heart of the narrative. They make it feel like a conversation, person to person.

At Journ, our mission is to do just that. We seek to speak your unique language, and tell your story the way you want it told. But first, let’s have a conversation.

Katie Orr, Founder